Zone·tv delivers a revolutionary, feature-rich suite of powerful video services with Azure

Zone·tv set out on an ambitious mission to take personalization in the video content space to the next level. 

By partnering with Microsoft and simplifying development with the machine learning power of Azure Media Services and Video Indexer, the team has used enhanced video metadata to feed their advanced machine learning algorithms.

With these new insights, zone·tv customers now enjoy personalized video content that is engaging and reflective of their unique preferences.

“We’re using the Azure Media Services in a number of ways. I think probably the best one to focus on is Video  Indexer. It really gives us that raw material, the enhanced metadata that can feed our AI algorithms and allows us to create the magic that we do, is just a great example of the partnership we have.” – Jeff Weber: Chief Executive Officer, zone·tv
“As a small company, the ability to work with Microsoft is obviously really important for us. Customers see that as an important milestone. But I think we’ve been great for Microsoft too. We’re bringing an experience that nobody else on the planet is, and it’s built in part on their products and services, and I think it’s been great for both of us.” – Jeff Weber: Chief Executive Officer, zone·tv

About zone·tv™
Zone·tv bridges the gap between technology and engaging programming with its innovative technology solution offering a best-in-class, convenient and highly-personalized viewer experience. The zone·tv™ Studio suite of tools allows any video service provider to create personalized thematic channels with their own content. Zone·tv uses its own zone·tv Studio tools to create the first group of 13 Dynamic Channels, an unprecedented linear TV experience using A.I., machine learning and human curation. Its proprietary software architecture combined with an 8,000+ hour content library has powered the company’s monumental growth. Zone·tv has become the largest provider of thematic subscription video on demand services in North America, by offering more than 30 SVOD channels. Its diverse programming and services can be seen on AT&T U-verse, Comcast Xfinity, DIRECTV, CenturyLink, TELUS, Bell Canada, Frontier Communications and others. The company has offices in Toronto, Canada, and Santa Monica, CA. For more information, visit


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