Zone·tv™ and The Boat Show® TV On-Board World Class Boating Shows for the MOTORS Channel on Zone·ify™

TORONTO, CA – August 14, 2019 – Zone·tv continues to add exciting new programming to its zone·ify multi-channel service in a licensing agreement with Boat Show TV. Under the agreement, The Boat Show’s digital content will be programmed on zone·ify’s MOTORS channel and will also be available to viewers on their my·zone personalized channel. 

The Boat Show is a TV magazine show dedicated to the nautical world, produced in English and Italian and distributed in over 80 countries in the world. Fans of sun and sea, boat owners and boat industry workers are the main viewers of the programme, which is filmed on the most beautiful seas around Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia. The Boat Show goes on board some of the most important boats on the market, describing every boat through real on-board experience. It highlights boats from the entire industry, from the smallest rib to the biggest super yacht, from sails to engines and sports boats, too.

“We’re thrilled to be in business with Boat Show TV”, said Jeff Weber, CEO of zone·tv. “Their boating brand is world class and will deliver exciting new programming for nautical enthusiasts on the Zone·ify Motors channel.” 

Federico Cozza, CEO and founder of Boat Show TV said, “We are delighted to bring the world’s most watched boating shows to zone·tv viewers and help make their boating dreams come true”

Motors is the channel for the gearhead, speed freak, boat, plane, train and car lover. If it goes “Vroom”, it’s on Motors.

Zone·ify is comprised of 13 linear-style genre-focused, professionally programmed dynamic channels which super serve fans and provide a rich source of curated content for passionate viewers of various genres including sports, cooking, kids, lifestyle, gaming, news, and more.

Powered by artificial intelligence, zone·ify provides viewers the ability to create a personalized viewing experience. Using conventional TV remotes and touch on smart mobile phones and tablets or through their web browsers, viewers can interact with highly curated stories that resonate with them.

With the click of the “zone·ify” button, the channel is reprogrammed to reflect the viewer’s preferred thematic choice. The more a subscriber watches, the quicker the platform learns preferences and creates personalized linear channels from a continuously growing library of exciting new video content.

About zone·tv™

Zone·tv bridges the gap between technology and engaging programming with its innovative technology solution offering a best-in-class, convenient and highly personalized viewer experience.  The zone·tv™ Studio suite of tools allows any video service provider to create personalized thematic channels with their own content. Zone·tv uses its own zone·tv™ Studio tools to create the zone·ify multi-channel video service, an unprecedented linear-like viewing experience, powered by A.I. Its proprietary software architecture combined with an 8,000+ hour content library has powered the company’s monumental growth. Zone·tv has become the largest provider of thematic subscription video on demand services in North America with more than 28 SVOD channels.

Its diverse programming can be seen on, Comcast Xfinity, DIRECTV, Rogers Ignite TV, CenturyLink Prism TV, AT&T U-verse, TELUS Optik TV, Bell Fibe TV, Frontier Vantage, Armstrong Cable and others. The company has offices in Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles, California.

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About Boat Show TV

Boat Show Television is a boutique media company focused on production and worldwide distribution of boating video content.

Boat Show Television produces and worldwide distributes the TV magazine The Boat Show, the most watched TV program in the World dedicated to boating and yachting.

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