On-Demand Wellness Content Takes Center Stage on Zone·ify in Partnership with Caravan

(Toledo, OH) – July 10, 2024 – Zone·tv and Caravan today announced a partnership that will make it easier than ever to access high-quality, free wellness content using the zone·ify free streaming television service. Zone·ify customers will now have access to hundreds of hours of content focused on critical wellbeing topics like emotional health and productivity and providing structured guidance on wellness practices like meditation and yoga.

The partnership between Zone·tv and Caravan provides the most diverse array of free, on-demand wellness content available today. Zone·tv’s cutting-edge technology, combined with Caravan’s world-class wellness expertise creates personalized and convenient access to high-quality content focused on critical aspects of health such as cognitive training, emotional wellbeing, yoga, nutrition, meditation, fitness, beauty, and productivity. Life-changing wellness practices are just a click away for users, empowering individuals to take charge of their health. Together, Zone·tv and Caravan are redefining how wellness content is delivered, making it more accessible, engaging, and impactful than ever before.

“As zone·ify continues to expand our content library, we are proud to add wellness content from Caravan,” said Zone·tv President, Doug Edwards. “As more of us focus on general wellbeing, it is important to have the resources close at hand to guide our wellness journey. I am proud that zone·ify can be a tool for those who are seeking to improve their lives.”


“Partnering with Zone·tv allows us to expand our reach and impact more lives with our wellness content,” said Lisa Wang, Co-founder at Caravan. “Our combined expertise will bring a new level of convenience and personalization to wellness, helping people everywhere lead healthier and happier lives.”

This partnership represents a significant step forward in the evolution of on-demand wellness, combining cutting-edge technology with high-quality content to meet the growing demand for accessible wellness solutions, all in a free streaming service. By leveraging zone·ify’s platform and Caravan’s extensive library of premium wellness videos, this collaboration aims to deliver a seamless and highly personalized user experience. Addressing the increasing demand for wellness resources and ensuring that users receive the most relevant and effective content tailored to their individual health goals will define the success of this partnership.


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