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Ingage is a promotional and merchandising engagement platform where consumers can discover more about the brands they love, watch free shows and engage through interactive features.

Immersive viewer experiences keep audiences engaged

Your viewing audience wants more—much more.

Television audiences get more from the shows and movies they love.

Keeping audiences engaged with gamified user experiences contributes to longer audience retention. Ingage opens opportunities for increased subscription rates, merchandising and consumer loyalty.

Powered by zone·tv’s gaming engine, Ingage gives audiences a new way to connect to the films and shows they love.

Event-based pop-up channels

Interactive Event Countdowns

Event countdowns keep audiences coming back for more.

Christmas, halloween, a film premiere or the anticipated new season of a TV series, event-based pop-up channels are engaging and fun. Consumers love the entertainment and gaming options, while operators see a potential for additional revenue opportunities and brand loyalty—all while building anticipation for the big day.

Ingage event-based pop-up channels present unique revenue generating opportunities while building brand loyalty.

Zone·tv gaming experiences

Who doesn’t love games?

Add casual gaming to your product offering.

An Interactive Channel offering access to 40+ casual game titles to play using the Pay TV STB and Remote for a subscription of under $5 /month. Affordable and a whole lot of fun.

Great television isn’t just about watching anymore.

Join the ever-growing list of top entertainment brands connecting with their audiences. Contact the team at zone·tv and ask about how you can take advantage of Ingage.

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