Experience the Taste of Canadian Craft Beer with Zone•tv and “Crafted in Canada” on the Zone•ify Mancave Channel

TORONTO, CA – October 27th, 2021– Zone·tv continues to add unique programming to its zone·ify multi-channel video service through the unique brand Crafted in Canada.  

Crafted in Canada is an online series produced by Canadian beer enthusiast Angela Bell. In the summer of 2017, Bell visited 12 breweries across Canada to tell amazing stories about the talented beer makers who put their heart and soul into creating tasty beer.    

From Vancouver to Halifax, Zone•ify viewers can come along on a coast-to-coast adventure to discover the most incredible craft beers in the country, learn the beer-making process, and meet inspiring people behind the brew.   

“This series is truly unique and will leave everyone itching for a cold one,” said Jeff Weber, CEO of Zone•tv. “Angela is a welcoming host and tells interesting stories about Canada that go beyond just beer.” 

Discover. Watch. Love: Crafted in Canada

Mancave – The Mancave channel is a mix of high-powered vehicles, food, DIY projects, fitness, and more. It’s a space tailored for modern men to help them become their best selves while they kick back and watch.  

Zone·ify is powered by zone·tv’s Studio (cloud-based video curation and programming platform), using proprietary software and Machine Learning algorithms developed by zone·tv.  The experience is designed to provide a rich discovery and lean-back viewing experience – like Pandora for video. Professionally curated stories are delivered, based on what the individual viewer wants to see. Studio’s robust programming tools seamlessly create intelligent, personally curated, automated, and highly engaging thematic linear channels that help viewers discover content that appeals to their own sensibilities.

Zone·ify is a unique and engaging multi-channel video service that consists of beautifully curated stories, personalized to the viewer for the ultimate video entertainment experience.

About zone·tv
Zone·tv bridges the gap between technology and engaging programming with its innovative technology solution offering a best-in-class, convenient and highly personalized viewer experience.  The zone·tv™ Studio suite of tools allows any video service provider to create personalized thematic channels with their own content. Zone·tv uses its own zone·tv™ Studio tools to create the zone·ify multi-channel video service – an unprecedented linear-like viewing experience, powered by A.I. Its proprietary software architecture combined with an 8,000+ hour content library has powered the company’s monumental growth. Zone·tv has become the largest provider of thematic subscription video on demand services in North America with more than 14 SVOD channels.

Its diverse programming can be seen on cable TV, Mobile and connected devices including, Comcast Xfinity, X1, DIRECTV, Rogers Ignite TV, TIVO, iOS, Apple TV, NCTC, Sling, Android, FireTV, Roku, AT&T U-verse, Bell Fibe TV, Armstrong Cable and others. The company has offices in Toronto, Canada.

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