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Zone·tv Television with Vision is redefining TV Viewing by delivering a personalized entertainment experience with expertly curated and exciting new content, powered by A.I.

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Rethink video programming.

Curation of video content truly starts once your content is ingested and screened. This is where you enhance and prepare your catalog for the ultimate storytelling and discovery experience.

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Immersive viewer experiences keep audiences engaged.

We take your rich and exclusive content including behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, trivia and games and by using our proprietary interactive framework “Ingage” we build a new world for the viewer where they are enticed, and entertained.

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Unique Households



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Your content is worth more than you know.

Your content is worth more than you know. Zone·tv’s on-demand programme is consistently creating new revenue streams for content creators. If you have niche content, and it’s currently behind a paywall, we should talk.

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The zone·tv on-demand programme.

We connect content owners with a whole new revenue stream. Over the last decade, zone·tv has worked with Top Tier Operators like Comcast and AT&T to bring niche content to pay-tv.

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Content Owners—Let’s look at the numbers

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Content Partner A:
Made over $650,000 USD over the span of 3 years

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Content Partner B:
Over 4000% growth in the first 4 months of launching on their first Operator

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Content Partner C:
Averages a 96% video completion rate

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Average of $28K/month to our top

25% content partners