Celebrate Those Who Gave All with Host of WWII Content on Zone·ify

(Toledo, OH) – May 24, 2024 – As we honor those who gave their lives serving our country this Memorial Day and celebrate the 80th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy during WWII, zone·ify is proud to offer a host of special content. The combination of feature films, documentaries and short-form content offers something for everyone who has an interest in the learning more about the horrors of WWII and the heroes throughout history who have laid down their lives for the United States of America.

“As we honor all who have died serving our great nation and mark 80 years since that momentous June day, I hope that this content serves as a reminder that freedom is not free and an education for those too young to remember how precarious and precious freedom can be,” said zone·tv CEO Jeff Weber.

Films added as part of this special collection, which can be found in the “War Stories” collection on the homepage, include The Boys From Brazil, starring Gregory Peck, Lawrence Olivier and a well known supporting cast. The 1978 film was nominated for three Academy Awards; Spring 1941, starring Joseph Fiennes, tells the story of a Jewish family’s struggle to survive in Poland at the onset of the Nazi invasion; The Holcroft Covenant, featuring Michael Caine as Noel Holcroft, son of a Wermacht general and in the middle of a web of conspiracies surrounding his father’s fortune; Women of Valor, starring Susan Sarandon as one of a group of U.S. Army nurses who refuse to evacuate their Phillipine post and are captured by the Japanese Army; and the 2023 documentary, The Plot to Kill Hitler.

“This diverse collection of stories speaks to the myriad impacts that WWII had on 20th Century history, from the suffering of the Jews to the bravery of nurses in wartime and beyond,” added Weber. “These vividly created films add to our collective consciousness and zone·ify is proud to share them on our service.”

In addition to the feature and documentary films, zone·ify is also partnering with Goalcast to bring its customers a host of WWII-related shorts. The shorts are available in the same “War Stories” collection.


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